Hi! I'm Manu 👋

I'm a full stack developer who loves to code!

Welcome! I believe that the world can become a better place by coding! All my projects are free and open source to anyone and everyone!



Smartlist is a home inventory app whick lets you keep track of what you have in your home for free


Devlist is a todo list app made for developers to keep track of their projects & become organized.


OnlineFTP is an in-browser FTP that lets you edit files on your server in the browser on any device


DocJS is a documentation generator for your website using pure JS, no external dependencies

Dynamic Poll

Dynamic Poll is a polling app made for both schools and offices to make group decisions easy


Webcode is an online coding playground that lets you code HTML, CSS, JS in your browser, even on a chromebook

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Email: manuthecoder@protonmail.com
Discord: ManuTheCoder#5821
GitHub: @ManuTheCoder
Dev Community: @ManuTheCoder